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Roundup Session

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 10 years, 4 months ago

1. The roundup session featured reports on the "top-ten" research suggestions from the breakout groups.


2. It concluded with critiques and recommendations by the three external participants at the event: Geoffrey Bowker, Tad Hirsch, and Catherine LiuThe ultimate purpose of this design charrette is to reflect on possible future directions of research related to online reading and social computing, including collaborative and grantable ventures.


Some Suggestions from the External Participants

(selective, brief notes taken by Alan Liu)

Geoffrey Bowker:

  • RoSE needs to amass data so as to allow users to achieve new kinds of research
  • RoSE needs to do so quickly

Tad Hirsch:

  • RoSE faces some "hard decisions" as it moves to a next stage:
    • What is RoSE?
      • Research tool?
      • Site for research?
      • Pedagogy?
      • Research into machine-crawling?
    • Who is RoSE for?
  • Give visualization a central and productive role (based on decisions about the above questions).
  • Be aware of how assumptions are being encoded in the software.
    • There is a problem with how RoSE currently conceives of the nature of "collectives" (vs. individual entities)

Catherine Liu:

  • RoSE assumes the "expansion of the human mind" in a post-Sixties like (RoSE is like getting on Ken Kesey's bus).
  • Be aware of the issues of labor and common goals.
  • "How many people can get on the bus, without the bus becoming something else?"



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