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RoSE - Publication goals

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Transliteracies RoSE

Publication Goals


Notes / Instructions  * Please Read first * :

To Bluesky. Below you will find publication venues and ideas for RoSE.   The purpose of this page is to encourage joint, collaborative graduate publication around RoSE.

- Feel free to add your own knowledge and ideas for papers to this list.

- Anyone is free to add a paper topic, and name potential collaborators using brackets [ ]. You don't need their permission, this page is just a way to communicate and encourage interest in writing with someone else.

- Please add your name, or remove brackets, only on papers which you imagine you would be interested/willing to do actual writing on. Feel free to add your name to a paper idea if you think you want to write for it.

- Authors are always listed alphabetically by last name (except for Alan, who is listed last as director)



1. Digital Humanities Quarterly

2. Digital Studies

3. Digital Humanities Summer Institute (UVic)

4. Literary and Linguistic Computing

5. IEEE InfoVis

6. ACM Multimedia

7. SocialCom

8. Communications of the ACM 

9. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)

10. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST)


Publications Ideas:

- Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, New Voices. 4000-6500 words. Deadline in June. Collaborative grad student authorship. Topics ideas: 1) collaborative practices, 2) survey of methods used for rose (both humanities scholarship and programming). Rama Hoetzlein, ...others?... [Eric Chuk]

[Chris Hagenah]


- Social Networking and the Digital Humanities. Communications of the ACM. A joint, overview paper that would highlight the increasing need and active research of the digital humanities in social networking. (Note: The Communications of ACM focuses on short, concise articles that have broad reach and readership).


- Meta-data in Social Networks, Rama Hoetzlein, [David Kim], Alan Liu, [Eric Chuk]. A paper focused specifically on meta-data issues, and current role of meta-data in document repositories.


- Exploring the Broadside Ballads through Social Networks using RoSE. [Charolette Becker], [Eric Nebeker], [Johnathan Snow]. A paper on the exploration of particular texts in the context of Rose.


- IEEE InfoVis, RoSE: Visualization of People-Document Relationships in Literary Social Networks. [Ivana Andjelkovich], Rama Hoetzlein, [Pehr Hovey], Alan Liu. A joint technical paper about visualizing social networks of people and documents together.


- Please add additional paper ideas you're interested in writing here.


database/network approaches to textual analysis? navigation as telling stories through data







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